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Curriculum Note: The Visual Art in Motion Program at Brookland MS features DCPS Art Curriculum and alternative support assignments that were designed specially for students at Brookland MS were approved by the Administration Team.  Information is available for scholars to select various lessons in MsCclass such as Extra Credit Assignments, Traditional Art at Home Lessons and Non-Traditional Digital Art Technology Projects.

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Computer Based

Computer Based Digital Art Technology Lessons are preparing students for the real world in graphic design with introductions to various software options in a self-directed session that enables scholars to work at their own pace.

ONLINE TUTORIAL IDEAS: How do we create a Digital Vision Board? Video Click Here 


ONLINE TUTORIAL IDEAS: How do we create a Flyer?
Video Click Here 

ONLINE TUTORIAL IDEAS: How do we create a Logo?

ONLINE TUTORIAL IDEAS: How do we upload assignments?

Non-Computer Based

Non-Computer Based Traditional Art Lessons are available for scholars to write and draw. Although assignments are recommended to be typed its not required. One may be able to write and fax over assignments or take a picture of work to upload. 


Day 1 (Tuesday):  INTRODUCTION: Class Materials
                                Bound Cornerstone Introduction
Day 2 (Wednesday): Independent Study: Review, Type or 
                                         Write your Person Vs. Self Summary
Day 3 (Thursday): Person Vs. Person Zoom Lesson with Poetry
                                  Drawings & more!
Day 4 (Friday): Independent Study: Art Submission Support 


CORNER STONE LESSON: How do we draw or design the words in an artistic journal entry?
WEEK 2 LESSONS: Coming Soon

CORNERSTONE: How does George Butler and Matt Butler Show Art in Drawing Versus What they see in real life? 
WEEK 3 LESSONS: Coming Soon

For Extra Credit Assignments to be completed in addition to either Traditional Art or Digital Art Technology Assignments, please click below:  Create a Vision Board either Digitally or Using Newspaper, Glue and a Poster Board. Students may use the Vision Board Video for Support by clicking here.


Parents are encouraged to work with their child in small groups to complete the following lessons. Also, parents may also take pictures of the work and submit for grading by uploading here.
Week 1: Lessons
Day 1 (Tuesday): Parent & Child Art Interest Assessment (Will NOT be Graded for Small Groups)
Day 2 (Wednesday): Download Origami
Day 3 (Thursday): Download Space
Day 4 (Friday): Click Parental Partner for Differentiation Planning Survey

For additional support with this section, please schedule a One-On-One Conference.



Assignment Name-YOUR CLASS CODE Last Name, First Name


"Bound by Conflict-8D-Doe, Jane"
UPLOAD Art Submissions ONLINE
 by Friday at 1:00pm
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